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Other Writings (Essays & Editorials)

Selected Essays & Editorials


The North Star
Brian Purnell, “Historian Earl Lewis Envisions a World of Justice and Grace,” 6/3/2019

__________, "Affirmative Action is an Elusive Remedy for Racial Justice,” 6/1/2019
Brian Purnell, J. Theoharis, “Green Book Distorts Jim Crow above the Mason-Dixon Line,” 3/24/2019

Portland Magazine

Brian Purnell, “Maine Statehood and the Consequences of Compromise,” 9/2018

The Washington Post – Made By History
Brian Purnell, J. Theoharis, “How NYC became the Capital of the Jim Crow North,” 8/23/2017

The Conversation, U.S.
Brian Purnell, “Biden wins – experts on what it means for race relations, U.S. foreign policy and the Supreme Court: Racism, Policing and Black Lives Matter Protests,” 11/7/20
Brian Purnell, J. Theoharis, “Charlottesville belies racism’s deep roots in the North,” 8/16/2018

Brian Purnell, “Black Leaders Matter,” 1/19/2015

African American Intellectual History Society

Brian Purnell, “The Difficulty of Uncovering Obscure Lives and Hidden Histories,” Roundtable on “LaShawn Harris’s book, Sex Workers, Psychics, and Numbers Runners: Black Women in New York City’s Underground Economy,” 9/9/2016
__________, “Struggle and Progress: A Framework for African American History,” 4/9/2016

__________, “The Early Scholarship of John Hope Franklin,” 1/2/2016
__________, “Confederate Flags in the Jim Crow North,” 7/1/2015
__________, “Why Race Riots Happen in US Cities,” 5/1/2015
__________, “Brooklyn Stands with Selma,” 1/16/2015

 Gotham: A Blog for Scholars of New York City History
Brian Purnell, “Reconsidering ‘Community Control’: Who? What? When? How? Why?,” 8/9/2016

Common Dreams
Brian Purnell, “Does fear of Black Men Satisfy the “Objective Reasonableness’ Standard?” 9/21/2016

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